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My second novel is now available:

Nathan and Kelly find themselves in a faraway land where animals can talk and magic is real!
The new world is filled with many wonders and just as many dangers.
Now they must figure out who they can trust and who are their enemies.
But more importantly, they must figure out how in this world they can ever get home.


My first novel is still available:

Adventure_Us Jenny and Katie are best friends on a summer archaeological expedition. After discovering an ancient golden figurine, they suddenly become local celebrities. Jenny’s main concern is to stay out of the spotlight, but when Katie is kidnapped – Jenny is forced to take decisive action. To rescue her best friend, Jenny must use her unique skills and technical knowledge to steal back the golden figurine from the sponsoring museum. So why is it that the cute IT guy has to take an interest in her now? With the clock ticking, at stake is her best friend’s safety, at risk is her own freedom if she gets caught.

My next novel in the Jenny and Katie Adventure series is in progress and will be titled “Peril Us”, followed by the third novel in the series, “Danger Us”.

And of course there is my epic fantasy tetralogy (“Echoes of War”, “Echoes of Glory”, “Echoes of Darkness” and “Echoes of Magic”) that needs to be finished up one of these days.